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System includes

– 1 Glow UV Light

– 1 User Guide

– 1 Glow UV Lash Glue

– 1 Safety Glasses


Important info

– safe & tested

– Easy removal with normal remover

– Removal of outgrown lashes as usual with tweezers


How does it work?

With our Glow UV Lash System, you can cure a special lash glue using UV light. You place an artificial lash on natural lash as usual – operate the light with the foot pedal and after 1-2 seconds, the lash glue is completely cured. No more sticking lashes


Water is allowed IMMEDIATELY to the lashes

No 48h rule anymore

No bonder or sealer needed anymore

Transparent Glue

No fumes


Glow UV Lash System

Excluding Sales Tax |
Expected to ship 1-2 Weeks
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